Friday, July 2, 2010

"German Green Stripe" Tomato Plants

Dan and I are trying our hands at container gardening. We have a postage stamp sized back yard but the soil quality is "poor" at best. Honestly, I've read a bit about gardening but I'm not entirely certain we are doing this correctly, considering we've never done this before.

Above are 3 of our German Green Stripe Tomatoes, which, according to the web it is a sweet juicy heirloom tomato with a "piquant" bite....if we get any fruit it should be a pale green color with a hint of yellow striping....we shall see!

We used an organic gardening top soil, then once we filled them all up and had them planted we noticed that the bag said the soil was not for containers??? Dan said it was fine--we're thinking maybe it meant not for "indoor" containers.

However, we've had these for about a month now and they look pretty much the same as when we purchased them...maybe we need a bigger pot.
Above is our lone non-potted plant (I thought that we had 3 plants when I went to the store for pots, only to discover that we actually had 4).
We will update with our progress, or if we end up replanting these babies. If anyone has any insight on this we'd love some good advice!

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