Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crochet Class--Week One & Two--Single Crochet + Border

I spend a fair amount of time exploring downtown Alexandria. My parents own a small business so I have a healthy appreciation for mom & pop shops and I try to patron local stores as much as possible. One weekend while roaming around the quaint streets I stumbled upon a shop called Fibre Space (it used to be an adorable children's store when I used to live downtown). I was drawn in by the cute window displays and once inside I couldn't help but be intrigued.

I signed up for a beginners crochet class and went in with open eyes (and super soft yarn in circus peanut--basically peach--from Blue Sky Alpacas.) I found out later from my aunt that my Great Great Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Grandmother and my Aunt (all on dad's side) all crocheted.

My classes went well--the top photo is a swatch of single crochet stitches--it is just a practice swatch for my eventual blanket. The bottom photo is my practice swatch with the border--the spaces are meant for a ribbon to eventually be woven through--I'll update when I finish.

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